giant squid and octopus, taking naps, monet, django reinhardt, forest sounds, pelle gudmundsen-holmgreen, lisbon in december, ha-gao, dog videos, lars von trier, whales: sperm, blue, humpback and killer, barbra streisand, smoking cigarettes, joao gilberto, hitchhiking, edvard munch’s sun, the smell of humidity in south-east asia, bill evans, eliza dolittle, cioran, edith piaf, berlin in spring, pizza, charlotte brönte, sunny cypress trees, nat cole, walking in the valais, brad pitt, being in the passenger seat during a long drive, edmond dantes, scuba diving in yapak, camus (especially his essays), horowitz, flâner, metal festivals, the big building with a wolf on it in refshaleøen, bob dylan, billie holiday, bola de bolacha, baden powell, memories of you by monk, celine, harry potter, aretha at new temple, going into fresh sheets straight from the shower, african herbsman, tao teh ching, grass even though i’m allergic, beatrice dalle, ne rien faire quelque part entre la drôme et l’ardeche où se perdre dans les alpes-de-haute-provence, guitar might often be my favorite instrument, the decay of lying, bobby timmons, mediterranean smells, i think cherokee is actually a pretty melody… i think solar is not. staying focused, i love janis but i feel it is almost a taboo…i love amy too, george brassens, roller coasters, lili boulanger, les pins parasols, s. sowmya, sleeping in a tent, jimi hendrix, haneke and bird-of-paradise flowers.