Margaux Oswald & Jesper Zeuthen: Magnetite
(Clean Feed Records, 2023)

I have been playing with Jesper since 2020, our first session was held in the pre-covid times. Since then, we have met more or less every three weeks for coffee, he has a cappuccino and myself, a latte macchiato on oat. We discuss music and art, our common fascination for folk music such as Dimi Mint Abba from Mauritania or Hsaing Waing music from Myanmar. We have kept this going for several years and has been our way to rehearse. We only play on stage.

Jesper Zeuthen – Alto Saxophone
Me – Piano

Margaux Oswald: Dysphotic Zone
(Clean Feed Records, 2022)

I recorded this album in Stockholm at the MonoPiano Festival. It was my second solo gig. Coincidentally, there were many loved ones in the audience: Hein, Niklas, Joel, as well as my mother Angela and cousin Alex who had come to see me play.

After the gig, the organiser of the festival, Alex Zethson, sent the recording to Clean Feed Records. He played a big part in this record being released and I am very grateful to him.

Me – Piano

Margaux Oswald & Kasper Tranberg: Signals
(ILK, 2022)

Kasper and I have been playing since 2019 and we recorded this album in 2020. Our duo is constantly evolving and Kasper is a musician who stimulates and provokes me to take many risks, verging on recklessness, and to be in perpetual discovery. This album was recorded very early in our process: first a session, then a gig, then the recording. Here we are!

Kasper Tranberg – Trumpet
Me – Piano

Margaux Oswald & Niklas Fite: Silent Plums
(Self-Released, 2022)

I had the luck to meet Niklas Fite in RMC where he was my fellow classmate. At first, since i was not so well versed in improvised music and not knowing squat about the British improvisors, i asked myself: what is that guy doing with his guitar? Thankfully, getting deeper into free improvisation and listening to a lot of records led me to understand how incredible a musician Niklas is. He has taken a great part in my growth as an improvisor and I cherish this record that we made in the last year of our Bachelor in RMC. I trust that our friendship and musical relationship will be long and adventurous.

Niklas Fite – Guitar
Me – Piano